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The mission of the Blockchain Institute is to educate as many as possible about the details and potential of blockchain technology. We created the Blockchain Institute Ambassador Program in order to enable those that are passionate about blockchain technology to collaborate with the Blockchain Institute in order to grow the global blockchain community. We do this by giving you the tools and resources needed to help spread knowledge about blockchain, decentralization, and cryptocurrencies.

What is the Blockchain Institute Ambassador Program?

Early Access

Preview our resources before they’re released to the public. Help shape content before it is taught globally. Collaborate with us and other ambassadors across the world.


Building and growing a community can be hard, but it's a lot easier when you have support. Our ambassador program brings together like-minded people who are working to democratize the internet!


Our international community is growing fast, so we need your help! As an ambassador, you will be able to work with our team of experts to create content that not only matches your area, but also makes blockchain education accessible to everyone.

How we can help empower you!


Do you have a passion for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralization? Dreaming of showing others why blockchain matters? We can help you teach and onboard those curious to learn more. Our free resources address common questions that blockchain beginners ask and will provide a deeper understanding of how these technologies work.

Crypto Curious Course
Help onboard your community with our two-hour beginner course. This presentation package contains beautiful illustrations and relatable stories to aid you in leading an introduction to blockchain course.
Additional Online Classes
Are your students hungry for further learning? Our comprehensive online resources complement the Crypto Curious Course and help students continue to explore decentralization, blockchain business applications, and development.
Advance Access to New Material
Be the first to preview our new content. Add your input and help us set the direction for future classes and courses. Maybe we will all learn something new along the way.
Instructions for Instructors
We offer a teacher's Webinar to help you lead your very own Blockchain Institute Course. Learn best practices from our expert instructors and creators, and utilize interactive activities that can help elevate your students’ learning experience.


What would blockchain be without community? We are unbiased blockchain uniters. That means no matter which project interests you, we want to help spread that excitement. Help us extend the reach of blockchain education by joining us in building a decentralized community around the world!

Blockchain technology can be confusing! Ambassadors will have a direct line of communication with Blockchain Institute staff and access to our organization's tools.
Community Calls
We want to help you stay updated on what’s new at Blockchain Institute. Our scheduled calls are a great place to ask questions and request additional resources from us. We want to know how to amplify your local effects and help you overcome hurdles.
Exclusive Discord Chat Groups
Ambassadors meeting ambassadors! Find people across the world that share your passion. Discover people in your area to collaborate with and join a network of blockchain enthusiasts.
Publish to the #WeTeachBlockchain Network
Already teaching blockchain & decentralization? Have an idea for a course, FAQ, or another resource? Let’s work together to share your contribution throughout the community!


Who doesn't like free stuff? Access our highly coveted swag, brochures, and digital downloads of our latest content. We also provide printing files to encourage local production and distribution of materials. Contact us to discuss localization and internationalization!

Make our voices heard! We can provide your class with the following promotional material:
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers
  • Webcam Covers
  • PopSockets
  • Pins and Buttons
Promotional Support
Looking to extend the reach of your newly created blockchain community? Get a shout-out on our social media, newsletter, and website!
We want to share decentralization with the world. Because language should not be a barrier to education, we can work together on translated versions of the materials that interest your community most.
You Tell Us
You will represent the Blockchain Institute in your area. Let us know how we can improve the Ambassador Program to best help you kickstart a decentralized revolution. It starts with you!

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