Blockchain (n.)

Accuracy in the digital world.

Learn DeFi in One Hour

Bitcoin paved the way as the first cryptocurrency by creating the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer cash transfer platform.

The decade since Bitcoin has been released has seen much innovation. A common theme among blockchain developers is the idea that blockchains don’t have to be limited to transferring money, but can rather transfer data to create decentralized applications.

Platforms like Ethereum create a completely new network of decentralized financial services. We are seeing traditional financial services now being offered by individuals instead of banks, all while incorporating cryptocurrency into their decentralized financial ecosystem.
DeFi can offer a more fair and accessible financial system. This course explores:
  • How traditional financial applications are being decentralized
  • How DeFi affects different industries
  • The Creation of alternative global financial marketplaces
  • How money is managed in DeFi applications
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