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Accuracy in the digital world.

Learn to Build

Are you confident enough in your skills as a developer to set up a web store that takes cryptocurrency and uses blockchain based supply chain?

By the end of our Dev Bootcamp you will be! After completing all 5 workshops you will have created a working web store with:

  • A Full Bitcoin Node
  • Unique Receipt Addresses using HD Wallets
  • Layer 2 Instant Payments
  • Hyperledger Private Supply Chain
  • Integrated Web3 Identity

This is a hands-on experience. Don't leave your laptop at home!


In our first workshop, we will walk you through setting up your own Bitcoin node and using it to send transactions and record record states.

In order to understand the blockchain, it helps to start with the original: Bitcoin


Storing cryptographic keys properly is one of the fundamental skills required to use web3 and blockchain systems. We'll teach you how to use these tools:

  • Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets
  • Seed Phrases
  • Unique Key Derivation
  • Signatures and Encryption

Second Layer
Instant Payments

Second layer technologies like Bitcoin Lightning channels provide instant payments over cryptocurrency networks.

In this workshop, we'll help you integrate instant Bitcoin payments into your web store!


Some data isn't meant to be shared publicly. The Hyperledger Foundation provides a unique solution for private networks to utilize blockchain systems. We will cover:

  • Network Architecture
  • Smart Contract Chaincode Design
  • Webstore Integration
  • Consensus Mechanisms

You can also read about Hyperledger in our free courses portal.

Web3, Identity,
and uPort Login

Digital Identity allows users to own their digital presence with personal keypairs. In this module, we teach you how to allow user login via decentralized identity, and how IPFS and the Ethereum Blockchain can be applied to make this possible.


Yes, you read that right. Free. No, we aren’t crazy. This bootcamp is offered by Blockchain Institute. If you haven’t heard of us we are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity with the mission of educating everyone on blockchain technology.

We are able to provide this incredibly valuable class for free thanks to our donors and sponsors. If you value what we do and want to keep these classes free Donate Here

Secure Your Spot

The Developer Bootcamp is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but please sign up and we will reach out as soon as we know more.

What you need:

  • A laptop (Mac, Ubuntu (Debian), or Windows)
  • Experience with the command line
  • Node.js will be used but expertise is not required (A primer will be sent out for registered students)

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